Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre

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Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre, values learning through play, in a family focused quality environment. We prepare children for school and beyond. For children from 0-5 years old within our community Wainuiomata.

Hours and fees

The center is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday throughout the year, except statutory holidays, two ‘teacher only’ days (you will be notified of these two days in advance). A notice is sent out in November aout hours and days that we are openingduring Christmas and New Year.

To discuss what fees would apply to your specific needs, please contact us. 

Phone: (04) 970 5266
E-mail: teachers@jackandjill.school.nz



You are required to provide your child’s Birth Certificate together with the forms on the day of enrollment. Parents are also responsible for providing and updating their child’s immunisation records.

Help with Fees

20 hours free ECE

Jack and Jill Early Learning is a provider of 20 hours free ECE for 3-5 year old children. Your child is eligible for this on his/her 3rd birthday. If you elect to use the 20 hours ECE for your child/ren, you are required to complete an attestation form to qualify for this. For more information, please visit the Ministry of Education website or call 0800 ECE ECE. You may still qualify for the Work and Income childcare subsidy if you need extra hours on top of 20 hours ECE.

WINZ Subsidies

The Work and Income Childcare Subsidy can help you with partial or full cost of your childcare – how much you could get depends on your family income and the number of children you have. To find out more, visit the Work and Income New Zealand website or call them on 0800 559 009.

Jack and Jill – Family discount

We offer our families a 10% discount when more than one children enrolled in a centre at the same time.

Jack and Jill Childcare Fee Deferral Payment

If all other failed, Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre offers several options for our children and families who are unable to pay their weekly fees in full. Childcare Fee Deferral Payment is what we do to support our families in our community*.

Deferral Payment option is considered a privilege not a right and is extended to those in good financial credit with Jack and Jill Early Learning Center.

* only available for children aged 2 and below. Terms and Conditions apply.

Other fee

Any fees associated with a special programme, or transport to a special programme, will be advised to all parents. Their agreement will be sought for the payment of these fees. They will be charged on separate invoices.

Costs for special trips will be advised as they occur. These fees are to be paid separately from the normal fees invoicing system, and must be paid before the trip.


Parents will be notified of any fee changes as soon as is practicable before the change takes effect. This will usually be four weeks before any such change.


When a child leaves the centre all unpaid fees are to be paid on or before their last day. Any outstanding amount owing over 30 days will be passed onto a debt collection agency. All cost of debt recovery will be added onto your account.


Fees are payable 52 weeks per year for ENROLLED days not attended days. Full fee is payable regardless statutory holidays, illness, or teacher only days. If you take your child on holiday and give us 2 weeks notice, 50% fees will be charged to hold your child’ space. This does not apply to children signed up for the ECE 20 hours scheme – full fee will be charged to these children.


A minimum of two weeks notice must be given in writing to withdraw a child from the centre. Or you will be liable for additional 3 weeks after the last day of attendance.


We request that you collect your child on time. This saves unnecessary stress to your child, and allows us to maintain teacher:child ratio and our staff to finish on time. We do allow occasional late pick up for emergencies only. If you are going to be late, you must ring and let us know. A late pick-up fee of $15 for every 15 minutes may be charged at our discretion.


We encourage you to pay fees by automatic payment or direct credit. However you can do cash payments in the center at your convenience. Receipt / invoice will be issued periodically. When your child leaves the center all unpaid fees are to be paid on or before their last day. Any outstanding amount owing over 30 days will be passed onto a debt collection agency. All cost of debt recovery will be added onto your account.

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