Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre

Loving to learn, Learning to Love

Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre, values learning through play, in a family focused quality environment. We prepare children for school and beyond. For children from 0-5 years old within our community Wainuiomata.

Our Curriculum

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How does your child learn?

From the day he/she is born, your child learns and explores the world around them by:
• touching
• hearing
• tasting
• seeing
• smelling
• doing (for example, playing).

Children’s early development and learning is shaped by their day-to-day experiences within their family/whānau, at kindy and in the community. Children learn by playing in places where they feel safe, respected, loved, supported and encouraged.


What do we do at kindy to prepare your child for school?

Starting school is a big and exciting milestone for children and whānau.  At Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre, we support and encourage children to learn skills for their journey of lifelong learning. Children experience an environment that is based on free play and exploration. Teachers guide and support children’s emerging interests and development through activities and experiences.  Discovery Time is our ready for school programme. This programme is supported by a teacher and runs during the week.  During this programme children are supported with learning and recognising their name, letters, numbers, early maths, literacy and science.


Why learning through play

Play is the work of childhood. Play is natural and spontaneous for children. Through the freedom of play children gain the opportunity to learn through their play while hard at work. The teachers at Jack and Jill support children to learn and extend their skills. Children gain confidence in developing friendships and relationships, being creative, sharing ideas, negotiate, and problem solving.


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