Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre

Loving to learn, Learning to Love

Jack and Jill Early Learning Centre, values learning through play, in a family focused quality environment. We prepare children for school and beyond. For children from 0-5 years old within our community Wainuiomata.

Your child's day at the centre

What do we do to prepare your child for School?

What do we do to prepare your child for School?


What does a day look like at Jack and Jill?

Starting school is a big and exciting milestone for children and Whānau. At Jack and Jill Kindergarten, we support and encourage children to learn skills for their journey of lifelong learning.

Through one-on-one and group interactions a child’s day at Jack and Jill is based on free play and the interests of the children. Children are able to choose their own activities within the open plan inside/outside environment such as art, messy play, playdough, water play, dramatic play and dressing up, music and dancing, construction, puzzles and quiet activities such as reading. Caregiving plays an important role to ensure individual needs are met during the day. Teachers support children to eat, have bottles and sleep. Nappies are checked regularly during the day and before and after sleeping. Children takeregular walks which gives them the opportunity to be involved in their own community.


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